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Making waves since it’s introduction to European shores earlier this year, the ORA 03 from GWM needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. The perfect blend of style and substance with a distinctive retro design and deceptively roomy interior, the ORA 03’s clean shapes are punctuated with quirky details inspired by cars of yesteryear.

Packed with an impressive array of driver assistance tech, it’s easy to see why it was named ‘Safest Small Family Car’ for 2023. And with a range of up to 193 miles on a single charge, the ORA 03 will ensure a truly unforgettable journey.

Now available for hire from Europcar locations across the UK, the ORA 03 might just be your new favourite car-panion!


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Main Features

Car Regular


ORA 03 Pure+

Arrow Progress Light

WLTP Range

193* Miles

Route Regular

Real Range

164 Miles

Battery Bolt Regular

Battery Size

48 kWh

Charge Type 2 And Css Plug Css Charge

Rapid Charging Plug


Charge Type 2 And Css Plug Charge 2

AC Plug Type

Type 2

Five Star

Safety Rating

5 Star

Gauge Simple Max Regular

0-60 mph

8.20 seconds

Clipboard List Check Regular

Key Features


*Vehicle range is based on WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure). Please be aware that external factors such as weather, gradient and ambient temperature, amongst others, can significantly impact electric vehicle range. Internal factors such as driving style and climate control settings can also significantly impact range. ‘Real Range’ takes these internal and external factors into consideration, providing you with a more realistic view of the battery range you will likely experience from your vehicle.


This quick start guide aims to provide you with all the information you need hit the road and start enjoying your ORA 03 experience as quickly as possible.

Funky Front
Funky Rear
Funky Front

Panoramic Front Camera

The panoramic view system captures the vehicle surroundings through four cameras positioned around the vehicle and transmits the image signal to the screen, providing the driver with a 360 degree view of the vehicle on the multimedia display.

There are a series of Intelligent driving assistance features which utilise the panoramic camera to ensure safe operation of the vehicle at all times. This includes:

Cruise control assist: Uses a camera in the upper part of the windscreen and a radar in the middle of the front bumper to identify lane boundaries and detect targets.

Forward assist: Identifies vehicles in your lane via a camera on the windscreen. When it detects that there is a collision risk ahead, it will emit a warning or implement a brake intervention to lessen the potential severity of any accident.

Lane assist: Designed for driving on motorways and other roads in good conditions. Lane markings are recognised by the camera on the windscreen, and if the driver leaves the lane without being aware of it, it will alert the driver to get back in lane.

Traffic sign information function: Identifies the traffic signs using the camera on the front windscreen and displays them on the instruments cluster to assist the driver.

Anti-collision radar

When parking, the radar sensors detect whether there is an obstruction in front of or behind the vehicle and the distance to the obstruction, and issue an audible alert to assist the driver’s safety, helping to make parking easier.

Exterior Lights

To make your vehicle more visible to other drivers, after starting the vehicle the daytime running lights switch on automatically. There are also ‘follow me home lights’ which stay lit for a period of time after exiting the vehicle when it’s dark outside.

Charge Port

The charge port is located on the left side of Model 3, in front of the passenger door. Park the ORA 03 to ensure that the charge cable easily reaches the charge port.

When parked, press on one side of the charge port cover and it will gently spring open.

Funky Rear

Panoramic Rear Camera

The intelligent integrated parking system uses the panoramic view imaging system and the collision-avoidance radar system. The radar sensors and cameras detect obstacles surrounding the vehicle and parking space lines to identify where the vehicle should be parked. The system then automatically controls the vehicle’s steering, shifting and braking. The driver needs only to follow the system indications to enter and exit the parking space.

When parking, if pedestrians, vehicles and other moving obstructions are detected and there is the risk of a collision, the system will automatically perform emergency braking and rapidly bring the vehicle to a stop; if a fixed obstruction is detected and there is the risk of a collision, the system will brake softly and stop the vehicle smoothly.

Electric Sensor Boot Lid

Some models may have the electric sensor activated for the boot. If enabled, and when carrying the smart key, you can perform a kicking action in the detection area (at least 10cm below the centre of the bumper) to open and close the boot.

If at any point you need further guidance, you can access the Owners Manual on the multimedia display which contains everything you need to know about your car and how to use it. Select by clicking the vehicle settings on the screen, then E-manual.

or Access Online

Charging Guide for the Ora 03

When making the switch to an electric car, charging is probably seen as the most daunting aspect, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s actually very simple once you understand how it works. This no-nonsense guide takes you through exactly what you need to do, and be aware of, when charging your ORA 03. So let’s dive in!

Gwm Ora Funkycat Inside Dashboard
Public Charger

Public Charging

Public chargers can be easily located by using navigation system in the ORA 03, or via an App. We recommend installing Zapmap; their comprehensive database maps over 95% of all public charging stations across the UK, allowing you to easily find over 40,000 places to charge whilst on the road.

Zapmap can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, just follow the links below to install on your device. Once downloaded you can use the interactive map to find the locations nearest to you, or plan your journey with charging stops with their handy Route Planner.

When searching for a charging location, look out for the voltage output level of the charge point as this relates to how fast your ORA 03 will charge; the higher the level, the faster the charging experience:

Slow: With speeds below 6kW, slow charging can require 24 hours or more to complete a full charge. Convenient for short trips, but not practical for long journeys.

Fast: Achieving between 7kW to 22kW, fast charging can deliver a partial to complete charge in between 5-8 hours.

Rapid DC Chargers: Delivering between 22kW to 100kW, ideal for longer journeys requiring short stops to top up.

Ultra-Rapid DC chargers: The fastest way to charge an EV, Ultra-Rapid chargers provide power between 100kW and 350kW, allowing you to top up in as little as 20 minutes.

When you arrive at the charge point ensure you are using the correct charging cable before starting your charge session.

You are responsible for all charging costs, including any idle fees, when charging your ORA 03 at a public charge point. Europcar is not responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred if charge points are out of use.

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Stay charged wherever you go

Zapmap Logo

Europcar recommends Zapmap to search for EV charge points and plan your EV journeys

With the widest choice of charging options in the UK, Zapmap gives you access to an inspiring community of EV drivers – and provides peace of mind when out and about in your EV.

Download the app

App Store
Google Play Store

Find a charge point near you

Type 2 Connector

Type 2

A Type 2 charging cable is the European-standard plug-type used by every new electric car. It features a seven-pin connection at both ends, which allows you to easily plug in to every home wallbox, and most public car chargers.


The ORA 03 comes with a Type 2 Cable and 3-pin Domestic Cable. These are fitted with a tamper-proof label to identify they’re the original OEM cables and should always be stored in the boot. Any cables returned to Europcar without the label may be subject to additional charges.

Domestic Adapter

3-Pin Domestic Adapter

The ORA 03 is supplied with a 3-pin to type 2 connector adapter that allows you to plug in to any domestic 3-pin socket. Simply connect the Type 2 cable to the adapter, then plug into the wall!

Charging Bg


The ORA 03 is capable of the following charge speeds to increase the battery range from 15% to 80%. This is dependent on the type of charge used.

Please note, the maximum fast charging power of the ORA 03 is 80kW.



8 hrs


BETWEEN 11kW & 22kW

5 hrs


BETWEEN 50kW & 150kW


Find out more about the ORA 03

Starting The ORA 03

There is no physical power button to power up the ORA 03. When you open the driver door and sit in the driver seat, the instrument panel and touch screen will automatically power on. With the READY light illuminated and brake pedal depressed, twist the gear change knob to select your gear (D to drive or R to reverse), release the brake pedal and accelerate as normal.

Driving The ORA 03

When you need to slow or stop the ORA 03, the brakes are automatically applied when your foot is removed from the accelerator in a process called regenerative braking. This is where the motor converts part of the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electric energy, which is then stored in the high voltage battery pack.

Most drivers adjust to the feel of these driving aspects after just a few miles, but you can adjust the driving modes to according to your preferences by selecting Vehicle Settings – Driving on the multimedia display.

Turning The Vehicle Off

Once you have brought the car to a halt, keep your foot on the brake pedal with all doors closed. Select P on the gear change knob to apply the parking brake. You can then exit and lock the doors to completely power down the vehicle. Alternatively, press the OFF button to switch the power supply off (located to the right of the steering wheel), exit and lock the vehicle.

Locking / Unlocking

When carrying the smart key, you can use the intelligent entry system to unlock the doors. Once your hand makes contact with the sensor under the door handle, the door will unlock and can be opened as normal. Alternatively, the vehicle can be unlocked by pressing the unlock button on the smart key as normal. The indicators will blink twice to confirm the vehicle is unlocked.

Entering / Exiting

Once you have exited the vehicle, you can lock the doors by touching the locking sensor on the outside of the driver door handle. Alternatively, press the lock button on the smart key. The indicators will blink once to confirm the vehicle is locked. If the indicators do not flash, check that all doors and the boot are fully closed.

Connecting Your Phone

You must pair your phone to the ORA 03 bluetooth before a connection can be made. Touch [Bluetooth] on the System Settings to enter the Bluetooth Connection interface, and turn on the Bluetooth switch. The onboard mainframe will actively search for nearby Bluetooth devices that can be connected and display them in [Other Devices]. You can also search for this device in your mobile phone for pairing. After pairing, the status bar will display the Bluetooth icon. If the pairing fails, please repeat the above steps.

Charging Your Phone

You may charge your phone wirelessly if your model is equipped with this feature, and your mobile device is compatible. The wireless charging area for mobile phones is located in the centre console. The charging function is enabled when the vehicle is powered on. Place the phone face up horizontally in the charging area, which can be used for wireless charging. Alternatively, you can charge via USB using the ports fitted to the front and rear console.

Accessing Storage

Some models may have the electric sensor activated for the boot. If enabled, and when carrying the smart key, you can perform a kicking action in the detection area (at least 10cm below the centre of the bumper) to open and close the boot.

Using The Sat Nav

Touch the Home button on the persistent menu bar on the left to access the navigation home page. Touch the search button on the map page to switch to the destination search page.

Accessing Climate Controls

Heating and cooling your ORA 03 can be done either through the infotainment screen or by using the ‘Hello ORA’ voice assistant. Setting your temperature is easily done via a simple temperature slider on the screen, for ‘heating’ please ensure that the ‘sun’ icon is switched ‘on’ as without this the vehicle will not provide heat through the climate control system.

Basic climate control functions can also be accessed using the physical buttons located towards the middle of the dashboard, below the infotainment screen. These buttons allow you to turn on/off the climate control, AC, and activate de-misters for the front, rear and side mirrors.

Voice Commands

ORA 03 comes with an intuitive and friendly voice assistant to enhance your ownership experience and make driving easier and more relaxing.
When out and about, the ‘Hello ORA’ voice assistant can perform a whole host of functions and control various elements of the vehicle.
As a starting point, why not try these commands:
“Hello ORA…
“Turn up the volume”
“Open driver window”
“Find nearest charging station”
“Set fan speed to maximum”
A full list of commands can be accessed via your infotainment screen by navigating to [System Settings > Sound > Voice Assistant].

Adjusting The Side-View Mirrors

The exterior rearview mirror glass adjustment switch is located on the instrument panel on the driver's side. Rotate the round knob in the middle to select left ( L ) or right ( R ) mirror. Then move the knob in the desired direction to adjust the angle of the exterior mirror glass.

Adjusting The Seats

The seats can be adjusted either manually or electronically according to the model. The seat adjustment controls can be found on the door side of the front seats.

Adjusting The Steering Wheel

The steering wheel can be adjusted by releasing the locking lever found to the left, under side of the steering wheel. Once released, hold the steering wheel with both hands and tilt it up or down into the most comfortable driving position. You can also push or pull the steering wheel towards or away frm the body. Once a comfortable driving position has been selected, pull the locking lever fully to lock the steering wheel into its new position.

Adjusting The Rear-View Mirror

Adjust the body of the interior rearview mirror to achieve the best possible view. The anti-glare function of the interior rearview mirror helps reduce glare from the headlamps of following vehicles at night.

Adjusting The Child Lock

The rear doors have child locks fitted in order to prevent children from accidentally opening the doors. Pushing the lever in the direction shown by the arrow turns the child lock on. Pushing it in the opposite direction turns the child lock off.

Adjusting The Vehicle Lights

When the vehicle is powered on, the AUTO lighting system is turned on by default, which will automatically switch the side lamps/switch illumination on and off according to the intensity of current ambient light. You can also adjust the lighting using the master light switch, found to the rear left-hand side of the steering wheel.
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