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What does sustainability mean for business? It’s a commonly asked question that holds increasing importance, not just in terms of protecting the planet but also with regards to protecting bottom lines. Businesses that look closely at their operational behaviours and make considered changes will cut costs and improve efficiency as well as reduce their impact on the environment.

It’s a subject we feel passionately about here at Europcar, which is why we spoke to 300 professionals responsible for fleet management and business travel decisions to find out about their current operations, as well as their priorities and plans for the future. Only seems fair to share our findings.


The best way to discover everything about electric motoring is to put it to the test – in real-world conditions.

That’s why a team of Europcar colleagues joined a 50-strong convoy of electric cars, vans and trucks on a 5 day 1,200-mile EV Rally, from Cardiff to London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin last summer. The rally provided numerous learnings which are helping us assist customers as they transition to electric motoring.

Mark Newberry, Commercial Director and Sustainability spokesperson talks more about business sustainability in this video.