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Charging An Ev (1)


Alongside the fear of running out of battery life on the go, the biggest electric vehicle worry for most revolves around charging. Is it complex? What plug do I need? What’s the queueing etiquette? All fair questions, so in this part of the Knowledge Hub we’ll take a closer look at the different plug types, the best locations to charge at, and discuss how you can banish range anxiety. And rest assured, you’ll find all the charging and cable info you’ll ever need for the models we have available to hire over in our EV Showroom


Remove the fear factor with our quick guide to socket and charging types.


Discover which charging location is right for you with our handy guide.


Scared of running out of juice? Rid yourself of range anxiety with our practical tips.



There’s an app for that

Downloading an EV app is a great way to boost your confidence and give you greater peace of mind. Here at Europcar we’re big fans of Zapmap, which lets you search for nearby charging points, estimate battery usage and also lets you pay for charging.


Don’t be a space invader

EV charging points should only ever be used for charging plug-in vehicles. Hardly rocket science we know, but you’ll be amazed how many ICE and non-plug-in hybrid owners take up these valuable spots.


Keep your bills in check

It goes without saying that if you’re charging your EV at home your electricity bills will rise. If switching electricity tariffs is possible, we recommend shopping around to find a ‘smart off-peak’ one that will help keep your bills down when topping up overnight.


Know when to stop

Not only is topping up to 100% in public a little selfish, it’s not a great use of your time as the last 10% takes much longer to charge. Plus you’ll not get the most out of regenerative braking, which is why most manufacturers suggest aiming for around 80%.


Watch your speed

If your EV can’t use rapid charging, don’t take up a prized rapid charger bay for lengthy periods by using it to top-up at a much slower speed. It’s simply not fair on other EV drivers requiring a fast burst of battery life so they can continue on their way.[CS5]  Take note of your vehicles charging capacity – all the info you need is in the EV Showroom ‘Charge Speeds’ sections.


Little and often

Charge when you stop, don’t stop to charge; charging should be incorporated into your daily lifestyle without having to go out of your way to charge. Think about charging little and often so you don’t always have to worry about finding a rapid charger for instant top ups. Wherever you’re going, look for car parks with chargers available (whether slow, fast or ultra fast). For example, if you’re doing the big food shop, going to the cinema/gym etc these are all perfect opportunities to charge.


Hands off other EVs

While recent design updates make it almost impossible to do, never unplug another EV while it’s charging. It’s the height of poor charging etiquette.


Keep things moving

As tempting as it may in a busy car park, only take up a charging bay if you’re actually charging. And as soon as you’re done and dusted, it’s good form to move to another space. That’s especially the case with rapid chargers, which are designed for very short bursts.[CS4]  If you overstay your welcome, you may be charged a penalty fee too!


Work as a team

If your workplace has charging bays, remember to pop out the office and free them up for a colleague once you’re fully powered up. It’ll make for less awkward stares in the shared kitchen.