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Open roads, classic tunes, endless snacks. When it comes to getting a real feel for electric driving, nothing beats a good road trip. On top of getting a front row seat to how smooth and quiet driving an EV is, by heading out on a longer trip during your rental period you’ll also quickly overcome any potential range anxiety as you discover how easy it is to top-up on the go. With this in mind, here are our favourite road trip tips.

Road Trip Tip #1 Always plan ahead

Use a smart app to scope out a few different charging points along the journey and remember not to leave topping up till the very last possible opportunity. We’re big fans of Zapmap, which you can download for free from the App Store or Google Play, or browse right here.

Road Trip Tip #2 Start how you mean to go on

If you’re a regular road tripper, checking tyre pressure and windscreen fluid levels well before you leave is second nature. By doing the same with your battery level you’ll know whether you need to top-up before you head off, as no-one wants to start an adventure with a charging session.

Road Trip Tip #3 Keep your cables handy

Rest assured, when you rent an EV with Europcar you’ll have all the cables you need safely stored in the boot. Just remember not to take them out when you’re squeezing in that last suitcase.

Road Trip Tip #4 Top when you stop

Keep your eyes peeled for any chargers when you stop for a coffee or toilet break. You’ll be amazed how much difference a 20-minute top-up can make.

Road Trip Tip #5 Take in the scenery

Avoiding motorways is a great way to get more miles from your battery, as driving at slower speeds uses less power. In many cases, you’ll also find taking A-roads will mean travelling shorter distances too.

Road Trip Tip #6 Check-in with the hotel

If an overnight stay is on the horizon, we recommend giving the accommodation a call before your trip to find out if they have any charging facilities on-site.

Road Trip Tip #7 ‘Wheel’ keep you moving

With over 50,000 charge points in the UK, the likelihood of completely running out of charge and becoming stranded on your road trip is pretty unlikely. But these things happen. Luckily, Europcar partner with the AA to provide specialist EV breakdown cover to get you back on the road as soon as possible.