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Choosing Rental Ev
EVs for Business

Plugged into Sustainability

In our latest report we highlight the key landmarks as we focus on delivering sustainable motoring for business and leisure drivers in 2024. 2023 saw Europcar motoring towards its environmental targets, becoming part of its customers’ sustainability journey….

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Ev Incentives
EVs for Business

Electric Vehicle Incentives

It’s clear that switching to an electric vehicle benefits the planet, but does it make solid business sense? We believe it does, and for more reasons than you might think. So before we take a closer look at…

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Charging Home Office
EVs for Business

Charging at Home and the Office

As of January 2024, over 1,000,000 fully electric cars and 600,000 plug-in vehicles are navigating UK roads, with numbers continuing to surge. This shift towards EVs underscores the crucial need for charging infrastructure, placing employers at the forefront…

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Buzzwords Business Benefits
EVs for Business

From Buzzwords to Business Benefits

What does sustainability mean for business? It’s a commonly asked question that holds increasing importance, not just in terms of protecting the planet but also with regards to protecting bottom lines. Businesses that look closely at their operational…

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Benefits Renting Ev
Why rent an EV?

The Benefits of Renting an EV

We’ve covered how electric vehicles are both kinder to the planet and your pocket, but what about the benefits of renting an EV. Naturally as one of the world’s biggest car and van rental companies we’re a little…

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Choosing Rental Ev
Why rent an EV?

Choosing the Right Rental EV

So you’ve decided to join the electric revolution. The question is, which EV is the right one to hire? While range, model and size all play a part in the decision-making process, it really comes down to one…

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Types Of Ev Rental

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Wherever your journey takes you, get there with EV Hire! Choose from our wide range of electric cars and experience the ease of eco-friendly travel. With state-of-the-art features, smooth acceleration and impressive power, our EVs will get you on the road to a sustainable future.

Why rent an EV?
 Ev Right For Me (1)

We’ve teamed up with zapmap to help manage that range anxiety

Concerend about running out of battery? Read our article on range anxiety.

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Ev Charging Plug Type 2 Right Angle (1)


Feeling a little confused by the number of different electric vehicle sockets?
We were too, but it’s much simple than it first looks.

Read about charge types

Find a charge point near you

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Stay charged wherever you go

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Europcar recommends Zapmap to search for EV charge points and plan your EV journeys

With the widest choice of charging options in the UK, Zapmap gives you access to an inspiring community of EV drivers – and provides peace of mind when out and about in your EV.

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