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Ev Glossary (1)


Confusing your HEVs with your LCEVs? Not sure if you need a CCS or CHAdeMO? We don’t blame you. With so many acronyms and abbreviations to navigate, getting to grips with all the ins and outs associated with electric vehicles can quickly seem a little perplexing. That’s why we’ve put together a quick glossary of the most commonly used terms.

ShortcutWhat it stands forQuick explanation
ACAlternating CurrentAn electric current that regularly changes direction (e.g. the grid)
ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance SystemIntelligent tech that keeps an eye on the road for drivers, while also boosting convenience, comfort and safety
AVASAcoustic Vehicle Alerting SystemA noise alert that mimics the sound of a regular engine to keep pedestrians safe
BEVBattery Electric VehicleAn electric vehicle that’s 100% powered by a battery
CCSCombined Charging SystemThe UK’s most commonly used connector for rapidly charging EVs
CHAdeMOCharge de MoveA superfast charging connector most common in Japan, but also used in the UK
CAZClean Air ZonesDesignated areas around the UK where emission restrictions are in place to help reduce air pollution
CPOCharge Point OperatorThe company responsible for managing the charging infrastructure
DCDirect CurrentAn electric current that flows in only one direction
EVElectric VehicleAny vehicle that runs on an electric motor
FCEVFuel Cell Electric VehicleA vehicle that runs on a fuel cell such as hydrogen
GOMGuess-O-MeterThe dashboard display estimating the range remaining (seriously, that’s what it’s called)
HEVHybrid Electric VehicleLow-emission vehicles that have both an electric motor and internal combustion engine
ICEInternal Combustion EngineThe standard engine found in petrol and diesel vehicles
kWhKilowatt HourInstead of miles per gallon, think kilowatt hours when it comes to how far you’ll get in an EV
Li-ionLithium-ionThe current standard battery used in an EV (eco friendlier options are being explored)
MHEVMild Hybrid Electric VehicleA vehicle with a small electric motor to assist the internal combustion engine
PHEVPlug-in Hybrid Electric VehicleA combination of EV and ICE that gives drivers the choice between battery or combustion-powered driving
REEVRange-extended Electric VehicleLike a PHEV, but with the range boosted thanks to a small combustion engine kicking in when battery depletes
RExRange ExtenderThe small combustion engine used in REEVs
RPHRange Per HourAn estimate on how far you’ll get from an hour’s charge (this varies between EVs)
SoCState Of ChargeThe current level of energy or charge left in the EV’s battery
ULEZUltra Low Emission ZoneAn area in London where vehicles must meet exhaust emission standards or pay a daily £12.50 charge
ZEVZero Emission VehicleA popular catch-all term for a vehicle that doesn’t produce any CO2

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