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Cost Renting Ev

The Cost of Renting an EV

With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, EVs are becoming increasingly popular choices for environmentally conscious drivers. But what about the financial aspect? How does renting an electric vehicle with Europcar stack up against traditional petrol or diesel cars?


While it’s true that EVs often come with a higher initial cost compared to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, Europcar aims to keep any premium minimal. Our rental pricing structure varies based on factors such as vehicle size, seasonality, and rental duration. For the most accurate pricing, we always advise browsing our website to determine how much you could expect to pay, and to get the best price.

Powering up

Lets address the elephant in the room: rising electricity costs. Recent Zapmap data has shown that the cost of charging on public and private networks is creeping up, though there’s still savings to be had when compared to the cost of fuel. Zapmaps Journey Cost Calculator offers invaluable insights, allowing renters to compare the costs of electric motoring vs ICE for your particular journeys, especially if you don’t have the benefit of home or workplace charging.

Variety and Convenience

One of the big benefits of EV hire is the opportunity to experience an array of EV models. Europcar offers a diverse selection of electric vehicles providing a taste of ownership without the long-term commitment. Additionally, EVs excel in urban settings, offering quiet, emissions-free transport ideal for short trips and city exploration.

Seamless Urban Exploration

The introduction of ULEZ and CAZ in major UK cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester has brought about additional costs for drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles. In London, for example, the daily congestion charge can reach up to £15 per day for non-compliant vehicles entering the ULEZ zone. However, electric vehicles are exempt from these charges, offering significant savings for renters.

Renting an electric vehicle with Europcar presents a compelling blend of environmental stewardship and financial prudence. From avoiding urban charges to experiencing the latest in electric vehicle technology, our rentals offer a smart choice for the eco-conscious traveller.