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Range Anxiety (1)


When you’ve never driven an electric vehicle before, it’s only natural to be concerned about running out of battery in the middle of a journey. It’s the reason the phrase ‘range anxiety’ was first coined over 25 years ago. Of course, a lot’s changed in the past couple of decades, with range distances ever increasing as EV technology gets smarter and batteries get more powerful.

So is range anxiety still a thing today? Well, no, not really. Along with other common misconceptions floating around about EVs, ‘range’ axiety is one of the biggest psycological barriers preventing the masses from joining the electric revolution. But with a little know-how and the odd smart app there really is no reason to let it stop you from embracing an electric future on the road.

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It’s fair to say that in more recent years, range anxiety has been overtaken by charge anxiety. This newly unlocked fear refers to the negative feelings associated with using or accessing a charge point. Will it be complicated? How do I pay? Will I have to queue? What happens if it’s broken? Aaaaannnd breathe.

In the same way EVs have seen massive improvements in performance, the same can be said for the UK’s charge point infrastructure. First off, there’s now 50,000+ of them in the UK with thousands being added every year. And as more and more drivers go electric, charging etiquette will soon become second nature to everyone.

Plus, there’s always an app for that. Using EV apps like Zapmap can provide you with the peace of mind you need to overcome charge anxiety. With almost all public charge points mapped, Zapmap gives you the widest choice of charging options, tailored to your needs. Even better, you can see the current status of each location so you know which chargers are available right now – helping you to stay charged, wherever you go.

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If I’m hiring an electric vehicle will it be tricky to stay topped up?

Long gone are the days when finding a unicorn was easier than a charge point. Today you’ll find them at supermarkets, hotels, filling stations, car parks, workplaces and on hundreds of high streets. Best of all, many are completely free or available at a far more affordable price than petrol or diesel. Head to our EV charging locations page for more information.

Is the UK government committed to making charging easier?

They are indeed. One example is the Rapid Charging Fund, which is a £950 million fund to future-proof electrical capacity at motorway and major A road service areas to prepare the network for 100% zero emissions vehicles uptake. On top of this, they’ve also got plans in place to ensure every motorway service station in England has at least six rapid charge points.

Do we have the infrastructure for a fully electric future?

There’s definitely a lot of work to be done, but the UK now has a network of over 30,000 unique public charging locations. With the 2035 ban on new ICE and hybrid vehicles fast approaching, this number is only set to increase.