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The eco benefits and low running costs speak for themselves, but what’s it like to actually drive an electric vehicle? To get behind the wheel, open road ahead, and just put your foot down. The answer is wonderfully simple and surprisingly sporty, thanks to there being just two pedals to operate. One to go, one to stop.

EVs also have a low centre of gravity as the battery is located in the floor, which delivers a smoother ride and impressive handling. And did we mention the powerful acceleration, cutting-edge tech or enhanced connectivity?



It pays to plan ahead

Before you head off on a long journey, plan your route and pick out a few charging points along the way (Zapmap is your friend).


Break with braking tradition

Reduce your charging by taking full advantage of regenerative braking to refill the battery and preserve your available driving range.


Consider pre-conditioning

Temperature can greatly impact range, so make sure you get the battery and interior conditioned to the optimal temperature before you leave the house (this is called pre-conditioning). This can usually be started and controlled via a handy smartphone app.


The heat is off

Heating is the biggest drain on the electric motor, so focus on keeping yourself feeling toasty (rather than the whole car) by using functions like heated seats and heated steering wheels.


Switch off unnecessary battery drainers

The more electrical features and gadgets you use, the more electricity you’ll eat up. Common sense really, so get into the habit of only using what you really need – especially on longer trips.


Keep your speed in check

For most EVs, the speeding sweet spot for efficiency is around 50-60mph, so whenever possible try and stay within this speed bracket. Using the ‘avoid motorways’ option on supporting smartphone apps is a great trick to use.


Keep your tyres inflated

Under-inflated tyres create more resistance and make the battery work harder, so keep them inflated to the correct pressure.


Change things up

Take full advantage of the EV’s ‘change mode’ and adjust the setting to suit both your driving style and to actively restrict energy-sapping modes like air-con and heating.


Maintenance is key

Like any vehicle, the more love you show an EV the less likely something will go wrong. Which means regular servicing, tyre checks and fluid top ups are all essential if you want to maximise range.


You can probably tell by now we’re big fans of electric vehicles here at Europcar, however there are a few things you need to watch out for when first making the switch:

  • EVs are generally heavier due to all the clever tech packed inside, which means cornering can feel a little unwieldy at first. You’ll quickly get used to it though.
  • EVs are quieter than their gas-guzzling competition, which means pedestrians can sometimes be a little slower to spot you when crossing the road – so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Vehicle range is based on WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure). Please be aware that both external and internal factors can significantly impact range. ‘Real Range’ takes these internal and external factors into consideration, providing you with a more realistic view of the battery range you will likely experience from your vehicle. WLTP and ‘Real Range’ mileage is outline in our EV Showroom.
  • Electric cars need charging! Top up at 20% to avoid getting stranded. Cars will often warn you at 15% and offer navigation to chargers. Don’t drain the battery completely, as the vehicle will stop moving, and it’s also bad for the battery health and longevity. The sensible thing to do is keep the battery topped up.