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Benefits Renting Ev


We’ve covered how electric vehicles are both kinder to the planet and your pocket, but what about the benefits of renting an EV. Naturally as one of the world’s biggest car and van rental companies we’re a little biased, but when it comes to EVs the advantages of renting quickly add up.  

  1. There’s no long-term commitment, so you can see how well you adapt to an electric life on the road before making the switch permanent.
  2. You can try out a range of models and find the best fit for you in terms of the length of your commute, regular number of passengers, driving style etc.
  3. You don’t need to worry about tax, insurance and servicing (that’s all covered by us).
  4. There’s no charge to drive through Clean Air Zones or London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, particularly handy if you’ve often got business in the capital.
  5. There’s no need to worry about the value or battery life of the car depreciating over time.
  6. You’ll avoid the high initial cost that comes with purchasing an EV outright.
  7. On average, topping up with electricity is 75% cheaper than filling up with petrol and diesel, providing you with serious savings.


Flexibility has always been the Europcar way, which is why we offer a number of EV rental options. If you’re looking to quickly take charge of a few different models, daily or weekly hire makes the most sense. A popular choice with many families is going electric over the summer holidays, which is where our Superflex solution comes in. And if you fall head over heels with the driving experience, our long-term solutions come with no upfront costs or early exit penalties. Choices, choices.